Tree Maintenance

tree maintenance peoria,arizona

Nurture Your Trees

Encourage healthy growth with our tree trimming service in the Peoria, Glendale & Phoenix, AZ areas

It's easy to assume your trees will grow healthily on their own, but that's not always the case. Most trees need some occasional help. Unfortunately, you might not notice that your trees need attention until they drop limbs or become overgrown.

When your trees need care, Veteran Family Tree Service can see to them. Our arborists provide tree trimming service and tree pruning service in Peoria, Glendale, AZ and surrounding areas.

Work with us to:

  • Add a polished and crisp look to your trees
  • Remove dead or diseased limbs from your trees
  • Promote stronger growth patterns in your trees
  • Reduce excessive height from your trees


In addition to trees, we also trim and prune hedges. Call us today for a free estimate on our hedge or tree pruning service or trimming service.


We won't leave a leaf behind

Have you ever had your trees or shrubs trimmed, only to find clippings littered across your lawn? You won't have this problem when you work with us. After our tree trimming service or pruning service, we'll clean your property thoroughly. Hire our arborists right away for tree services that will leave your property beautiful.